Representation Matters

By: Diana Zamora (11th Grade, Centennial High)

December 7th 2018 

What we learned at this meeting was REPRESENTATION. Representation is a perspective, a meaning or to depict. Re represents a meaning that is already there, and REPRESENTATION is the way in which MEANING is given to the things depicted. We also touched on the subject of STEREOTYPES an awesome phrase that took to us was “How the West painted a picture of the East” representing how a person starts a rumor or false statement of another. What stories are you being told? Are people being “framed” “labeled” ? If so find different stories, different realities.

December 14th 2018 

At this meeting we had a special guest speaker come in and her name is Maytha Alhassan. What she gave us a chance to learn about was on how Arabs and Muslims have been portrayed on the Hollywood big screen for a century. She went in depth on her report called HAQQ AND HOLLYWOOD. Haqq means TRUTH in Arabic. In the movie Aladdin the good guys appear to be very Americanized as if it was Americans just in Arabian costumes playing dress up and the villains in the movie look and sound more Arabian with the Arabian accent. Their is so much more like in the movie back to the future they throw in some Libyans to kill a character in the movie as action or drama they tend to do that a lot in movies wether is for comedy or suspense. They also tend to display them in movies a unwise or dumb this goes way back to when people from the east land refused to send oil to America they began to make movies where they were displayed as not smart with their money or that they’d take women and that’s when the word “terrorist” began to be used to describe them. But their is also a lot of amazing films like Malcom X where he’s speaking up on the fact that the U.S. wanted him to fight in war against his people but he said why would I fight for a country that doesn’t even want me , who discriminates me and my people. So next time you watch a movie keep your mind more open than your eyes cause you might just spot something no one else does.

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