Student’s Use Voice Recorder for the First Time: Reggie’s Reflection

My name is Reggie Newton and I am a junior at Centennial High, Compton. The assignment that was given to us was to interview someone in our lives to understand them better. We were given voice recorders and taught how to use them. My thoughts were more of excitement to see who the man that guided me to a better path was before he was a teacher. I had a general idea of who he was through the experiences he would share out so I didn’t go into this completely clueless. I learned who he was who my history teacher was what motivated him how he felt about teaching how he felt about l.a and his sons and students. Interviewing people is a lot more nerve-racking than I anticipated I was so unnatural and tried to be professional more than calm and composed.

Audio levels are the levels the voice will be transmuted whether it be LOUD or silent it is what determines that through a gauge that can be turned up and down normally you would wanna keep it around a 6-7 in terms of audio so it can in between both. Knowledge of this, of course, helped when recording the voices and audio and adjusting this was easy and if I didn’t know this I would be stuck with one LOUD or silent audio.

During the interview, I kept getting so unaccustomed to the professional role I felt I needed to take to make the interview work. The ideology I had was the more chill an interview the less serious it would be so I went professional but kept stumbling over the professionalism I wanted to be ejected out of me. Of course, I gained a better understanding of my interviewee in the process which aided me in building a greater understanding of who my teacher was. This interview also let me know that my teacher was in my corner and was helping me out whether it be with getting a job or a trip to Stanford he always had some opportunity that he wanted me to go for and helped me get there. I was truly enlightened by the fact that he had my back and this huge height of doing everything alone was lifted off my shoulders and further helped me with things like this.

Filming club, Voting club, JSA club, or being a class leader I always felt like I could do it because even if I couldn’t there would always be someone backing me up and helping me get through it all. I gained a clear understanding of who I wanna be and how I wanna do it and how I wanna live my life as on the other hand he gained the knowledge that he has impacted someone’s life in a huge way and there is nothing I would like more than to have gained what he had given me throughout that interview and my life.

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